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Blood pressure treatment

Treatment for hypertension is one of the problems that many people are involved with in today’s societies, especially in Iran. This disease causes a variety of problems and side effects, which is why …

Colitis treatment

Treating colitis, treatment is one of the most difficult and longest digestive diseases, because in some cases it can engage the entire gastrointestinal tract and cause severe problems …

Asthma treatment

Asthma is one of the most common diseases in the world. Many people die every day because of the disease, and death in asthma seems to have been rising in recent years …

cancer treatment

Take cancer treatment and prevent it seriously! What is the definition of cancer and how cancer treatment is so important, what matters in the face of cancer …

Infertility treatment

Childbirth is one of the demands of couples. In fact, God has put the couples in a position to have the desire and desire to have a child in order to revive the generation and to remain in the world …

Treating Fatty Liver

Before we start thinking about treating the liver, we need to be able to provide an accurate definition of the disease in our minds and to know why ourselves or those around us have been affected by the disease …

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