Zakaria teb

Honey is a miracle of nature. The martyrs who collect bees from the colorful and fragrant flowers. Pure and good!
Zakaria is a medicine made using natural flowers, a honey that is naturally inspired by the beautiful miracle of nature.
Zakaria Taha has officially started its activities in 2011 in the field of packaging and packaging of herbal and medicinal herbs. According to the knowledge of vegetation in different regions of Iran, Zakaria Tahab has the most promising honey produced throughout Iran. And then, by carrying out scientific and specialized experiments, it will review the quality of honey and, if it meets the criteria and standards of the world, it will, under the best possible conditions and without loss of its properties and the value of its honey nutrition Raw honey is raw honey that is not exposed to heat, so Good sources of antioxidants are not pasteurized, they do not process any artificial process and keep all of their nutrients naturally.
The effort of this collection is that honey; this gift of nature returns to Iranian tablecloths.

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"Health is the most important thing in life!"

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